Denver, CO

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Colorado

Before I get into this entry Jon and I would like to give a big thanks to Bike Snob NYC for his snarky comments, I’m sure our sponsors and friends we’ve linked are extremely happy about the increase in site traffic we are experiencing.

Our first full day in Denver was also the one-year anniversary for Jon and I, so if there was going to be any day that we went out and hit up the town, it would be that one. We started with tea at Saint Marks Cafe. Then went for breakfast at Charlie Brown’s, a really classy bar that is on the ground floor of a Section 8 housing hotel. Kerouac evidently spent a lot of time at the bar and lived in the hotel when he was Denver, as he was having relations with a waitress from CB’s. Anyway, we went in hoping to score the infamous pork chop and egg breakfast, but it’s a weekend special so we were out of luck. Our server was an awesome guy though, and he even went in and checked to see if there was any way the kitchen could swing it for us. Even though he couldn’t get that pig for us, he did tell us about the Friday afternoon happy hour, with free hot wings (DELICIOUS) and pig roast (even more delicious). Scotty joined us after a little while and we sat around for awhile longer until he had to meet up with Lucy.
After breakfast we went down to Track Shack to see if we could run into some more old friends of Jon’s. I got to meet one of the shop proprietors, Jeremy, but the other is currently out on tour as well. We hung around the shop for a bit, met a few more people and talked more about our gear and the trip. Lunchtime and local brews were calling our name though, so we set back out to see more of Denver.
Since Flying Dog doesn’t have a location in town anymore, we headed over to Breckenridge as our first stop. I had the Agave Wheat, Jon tried the pilsner. Both were delicious, and while it was tempting to sit there and indulge in them all, there were still a lot of other places to see. We hit up Falling Rock Tap House (75+ on tap, 130+ bottled) and sat for a little staring at the couple of thousand bottles that line the walls. If there was a place that we could end up lost at for hours, it would definitely be this one, but there was still more to do that day.
When we left Jon wanted to show me Denver’s public skatepark, which is evidently one of the nicest and largest of its kind in the country. It’s also completely free, all you have to do is walk up. We watched some kids screwing around and having fun, but as had been our luck almost every day, a storm was blowing in (at least we weren’t out in the middle of nowhere, for once). Since the skatepark was just a stop on the way to Opal for their killer happy hour and our anniversary dinner we decided to go on down that direction.
We got there right as they were opening for dinner/starting happy hour, and took up a spot by the window to watch the rain while we relaxed. The service was good and the food was awesome, and before we knew it happy hour was over and we were feeling the effects of an indulgent day. Miriam called so we finally got ourselves together to head over to her place, but about halfway there started getting hungry again so we stopped in at Tuk Tuk (Jon had a craving all day, and Thai wraps make better drunk food than sushi).
We got to Miriam’s and kicked it for awhile, until we made him run back out to pick up our stuff from Scotty’s and grab some necessities from 7-11. I passed out while he was gone and when he got back it was lights out in a split second, as we were both tired from a long, wonderful first day in Denver.
Day two was a long, fun, wet one. We went to Elitch Gardens, an amusement/water park right in the middle of town. IT. WAS. AWESOME. The very first thing we did was ride the Minderaser, and my love of rollercoasters came back immediately. After that was the Halfpipe, then the Twister 2. There was some arcade time and lunch, then we headed for the water side, rode some slides, and lounged around in the water.
By then it was getting close to 6 and hunger was setting back in again, so we left the park and went back into town. We got to see Miriam’s studio in Cherry Creek, and then went back to her apartment to recoup from the sun n’ fun. She left to go to dinner with some clients and friends, and Jon and I got hooked up with her Groupon for an 18″ pizza from Abo’s. Absolutely delicious, I highly recommend the Central Park.
Since Elitch Gardens took up so much of our day, time and energy-wise, lethargy took over once we finished up eating and there was nothing else for the day except laying back and watching some Daily Show.
The following day we got a chance to hang out with another of Jon’s old friends, Andrew. We stopped by his work to say hi and made plans to meet up later than night. The coffee shop we met at was kind of busy, so we headed back to Andrew’s place to see the new house and meet some of the new roommates. This was on Wednesday, the first night of the Perseid meteor shower, and while hanging out on his upstairs balcony I tried in vain to see the show but the clouds just wouldn’t go away. After awhile it was getting pretty late and Andrew had to be responsible and wake up in the morning, so we said goodbye and went to check out a couple of bars on the way back to Miriam’s.
We hit up Barracuda’s and Club 404 before calling it a night.
We lounged around until Friday when it was time to hit up the Charlie Brown’s pig roast, the deliciousness that I mentioned earlier.
The heavy food and stiff drinks made for a short night though, and once the food was starting to settle we skipped going out on the town in favor taking it easy at Miriam’s. We made up for it on Saturday though, and took a trek through areas of town I hadn’t been to yet. We headed into the Highlands to look for another of Jon’s old friends, who unfortunately we never found. During the search though we got word from Andrew about an art showing with complimentary wine, so we decided to head over in that direction. On the way we came across a man riding a 36″ unicycle.
The showing, for us at least, was much more about socializing than art, particularly because we arrived shortly before close. Everyone hung out for awhile, then started wandering out to do other things. Andrew and a friend of his invited us to head back to his place to hang out again, but we hadn’t had a chance to really spend time with Miriam yet, so we turned back towards her place again.
On the way back however, we got a message from Scotty saying that if we were in the neighborhood then we should stop by for a few. We figured why not and hung out with him, Lucy, and some of the roommates/friends. Their beer started to run dry a little while after we showed up, so Jon offered to go pick up some more. He and Scotty had been talking about our PAC’s, so Scotty put forth the challenge that if Jon could fit and carry two 30-packs in the PAC, then he would pay for it. The night was already becoming a long one for us and we still needed to spend time with Miriam, so about halfway into the first 30 we had to split. We spent the rest of the night hanging out back at the apartment with Miriam and her friend.
Sunday would be our last full day in Denver, and the day to finally take care of some business. After sleeping off the previous night’s fun, we headed down to Cycle Analyst, the shop where Scotty works. I needed to pick up a new chain before we headed west into the mountains, and Scotty had suggested also that we come in and show his boss our bags. We hung out at the shop for a little past closing, shooting the shit. We went back to the home and had dinner with Miriam, and got ready to hit the road in the morning.


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