Day 19- Denver, CO

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Colorado

When Jon and I left the next morning to head for Denver, we discovered the unfortunate side-effect of our little trek through the pastures the day before. The screen on our camera had broken, and there was no regular viewfinder, which renders each picture we attempted to take a complete shot in the dark. This means two things: what few pictures there are will be coming from the camera on the phone, so obviously expect them to be of lesser quality, and the second is that you will have to deal with that lack of pictures with an increase in dialogue. Sorry in advance.

Anyway, the ride. There were supposedly camels at the ranch closest to the road around where we had stayed the night before, so we looked for them first thing. They didn’t feel like making their presence known when we went by, though. The first ~17 miles were gorgeous, the same perfectly picturesque countryside we had been riding through the day before. Lots of rolling hills, with an overall descent. The road itself, while only two-lane and with no shoulder, contained an extraordinarily large amount of bike traffic, as it was extremely smooth, the motorists were very patient and considerate, and thus it was full of roadies on training rides. Jon and I discussed how it we lived out anywhere along that road, we would be out here all the time because it’s so quiet, such a great ride, and very pretty.

We got onto onto the highway, and took it to the outside area of town where 470 and the South Platte River Trail connects. The trail is awesome- the total length is around 19 miles, all paved, with signs and road markings. We took it for about 13-14 miles, all the way from a Denver suburb to close to downtown. We made it in around 1:30, and headed for the spot Jon had been talking about for the last few days, our reason for trying to be in town by Sunday around noon: bottomless Mimosas at Sputnick! It wasn’t exactly that ($5 carafes, actually) but it was still a good deal. We hung out and Jon talked about all the places we had to visit. When 3:00 rolled around we left to take a small tour of downtown, through the Sixteenth St. open-air mall, and back around to Bocaza, where we got something to eat. It started sprinkling as we finished up, and I was extraordinarily lethargic, so we skipped going to kickball and headed in the direction of Miriam’s apartment, Jon’s friend that we would be staying with for the week.

When we cut through Cheesman Park, we ran into Scotty, and really cool guy that Jon met when he lived in Denver before. We told him what we were up to, and it turns out that Scotty and Lucy (who we meet later) are getting ready for a tour of their own. We grabbed some drinks with Scotty at Wyman’s #5 and hung out for a few hours, until heading back over to his house. The guys hung out and talked while Lucy and I made friends, and after awhile it was so late that they invited us to crash for the night. We took them up on it, chit-chatted a bit more and made plans for breakfa

  1. Patrick Maroney says:

    Even without the pictures I still enjoy reading your adventure! I wish yall the best of luck and safety. I live in Florida, where the only hills are absolutely nothing compared to what your encountering, and can’t even imagine riding my fixed up them. Come down here and ride up the east coast sometime it’s beautiful!

  2. oliver says:

    are you guys okay? you haven’t posted in a while, and I’m worried, especially since you were on the edge of the rockies the last time you posted.

  3. jessica says:

    Hey little lady!

    I must know has your belly slimmed down? I’d like to know about the more positive effects on the body. Also, do you have record of the miles you ride each day? You should end each post with the running total. Just a thought.

    luv ya!


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