Day 18- Larkspur, CO

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Colorado

We got moving early out of Pueblo as the park we were in was in a nicer, calmer part of town, with old ladies powerwalking along the outside trails. We figured someone might disapprove soon, plus we really needed to get into Fountain and replace our broken memory-card adapter.
When leaving Pueblo we wound our way through some lazy neighborhoods on the way out to the highway. We ran into a llama farm and I finally got a chance to try to pet one.

They were so lazy and disinterested that when I threw the grass, the closest one stretched out his neck and ate the one piece of grass that was closest to him, then ignored all the rest.

When it was clear the llamas weren’t going to entertain us we got going again. After a few more miles the neighborhood ended completely, and the road abruptly changed to hard packed dirt. Since there was no other choice, we just got riding again… and I can honestly say that it wasn’t the worst road we have ridden on. This went on for about 10 miles, until finally turning towards the highway.

We made it to Fountain for lunch, still hurting from the descent the day before. The riding had only loosened us up a little, but we had to push on through to Colorado Springs, then Monument, and finally to Larkspur.
We spent very little time hanging out in any of the cities, and consequently, very little time taking pictures. We did get to the see the NORAD facility, we had a beautiful climb through some perfectly picturesque countryside, and saw, once again, a storm and a rainbow.

Around the 7th or so rainbow since starting the trip. This was the first one in which we could see both sides, but we were too far back to get the whole thing.

When trying to navigate from the outside edge of Colorado Springs into the Monument suburb, we received some bad directions and had to tramp our way through a couple of soggy pastures. In the process of jumping fences and hauling our gear, I ended up breaking the screen on the camera, which we would not realize until the next morning.
When we finally reached our destination, at the house of Jon’s friend’s parents, we had warm showers, a comfortable bed, a washer and dryer, and a wonderful homecooked meal waiting for us. After camping out the last few days it was a huge relief to be able to end the day knowing we could rest easy for the night.


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