Day 15- Questa, NM

Posted: August 11, 2010 in New Mexico

We had a late start out of Taos since we needed to get our laundry taken care of. We hung out, ate some breakfast, and watched the news. We learned that, yet again, there was a good chance we would get hit with a storm sometime in the late afternoon/early evening. We still decided to try to push for San Luis, and cross the New Mexico-Colorado border that day.
The late start screwed us over, to put it bluntly. We got caught in a large cluster of very steep climbs, and made very poor time, arriving in Questa about 3 minutes before the storm did. We sat inside a Conoco on the edge of town and watched the downpour. About 10 minutes into the storm, it started hailing.
The storm lasted for a long time, not abating until a couple of hours until dark. When it was over, though, we saw a beautiful little rainbow blob nestled between two mountains in the distance.

We decided just to kick it in town, and went inside what looked like the only establishment with people hanging out. It was an absolute blast. We spent the entire night hanging out with a bunch of really cool people.


Motorcyclists, citizens of the town, truckers, random people that came in.

Andy and Ross

Someone even came in on a tandem, by himself.

It was a great night, and not only did we end up with a place to stay that night, we actually got two offers. We ended up crashing with Steve, the first person who offered, because it was on our way out of town the next day. We did need to get to bed, so after a great night of hanging out, we said goodbye to everyone and went home with Steve. It was a great night’s rest after an awesome day.


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