Day 16- Fort Garland, CO

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Colorado

Despite the great night before in Questa, we had to push on the next morning. It was an exciting day though- we would finally be crossing the state line!
We only had about 22 miles to go. We made good time, it was a clear, nice day, and we finally saw it.

We were getting into the San Luis Valley area, and it was very flat on the way to the first town, San Luis.

We decided to eat lunch at a place called Sam’s Covered Wagon, which someone from the night before had told us about. It was really good, and really cheap. The woman who runs the restaurant, we learned, is also the mayor of the town. We also saw our first medical marijuana facility, which was right across the street from our lunch spot.
it started raining, of course, so we were in town for a little. We left town with no huge rush, knowing that we could get into Fort Garland with a little time. We had decided that we wanted to literally camp out that night, and made plans for finding a spot in the mountains. We learned about Trinchera Ranch, which has campgrounds around the reservoir. We had to bring wood up from the town, too, since it was going to be kind of cold that night and we needed to make sure we had enough. I took the food, and Jon took the firewood.

When we got up to the campsite we settled in and looked for more firewood. Jon enlisted the help of a fellow camper further down the way in moving some large logs, who would end up helping us a bunch and being a really nice guy.
Camping was amazing. I have never been able to see stars with as much clarity and in such great numbers before- the Milky Way was magnificent. It didn’t get nearly as cold as I was expecting, but I did sleep with a hat on. I tried to stay awake as long as possible to stargaze with Jon, but it was so peaceful and I was too tired. We did see a couple of extremely bright shooting stars, right before I fell asleep.


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