Day 14- Taos, NM

Posted: August 11, 2010 in New Mexico

When we left Santa Fe, we were forced to ride on the interstate for the first time in our trip. It made the first 26 miles into Espanola a complete breeze though, even though it was slightly nerve-wracking being so close to so much fast moving traffic and on/off ramps. We also got the chance to see the aptly named Camel Rock.

Our lunch stop was in Espanola, which we had heard more than a few worrisome things about. The description made it sound like we were going to be passing through a mini-Juarez. This was not quite the impression we got, as more than a few people were curious and interested in our trip and very, very friendly. To be fair though, we did ride through during the day, and I did take this picture right outside where we ate lunch:

Espanola was the only town we stopped in on the way to Taos, but we made more than a few picture stops along the way. We entered some beautiful country that day, and climbed our first mountain pass.

No falling rocks, thank goodness.

Climbing the pass was extremely tough as we weren’t prepared. It took a lot out of both of us, and at one point caused me an intense amount of rage. When we thought we had reached the top, we realized that there was a hairpin turn down around the back, and then another climb to conquer before we could be in Taos. It was a nice, smooth downhill once we were done with the second climb, which made the last 12 miles a huge relief.
As we made the descent into town, we watched the storms starting over the distant mountains.

We went to Cafe Tazza on the advice of a friend who had lived near Taos and ran into a bunch of kids hanging out. One of them was even from Austin.

We joined them for dinner and then went our separate ways. When we tried to crash out that night we had to wait on a small covered porch while we waited for the rain to finish up. As we were laying there, assuming no one would be there until morning, a really nice guy and his kid showed up. He told us it was ok to crash on the property, but that it would be better to sleep under the apple trees around the back. The rain had stopped by then and it was getting late, so we moved around to the other side and fell asleep.


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