Day 9- Fort Sumner, NM

Posted: August 3, 2010 in New Mexico

Waking up after spending the night in Muleshoe was the most exciting morning so far- we would finally be getting out of Texas! It was only 8 miles to the state line so we were in a rush to get going. We grabbed some breakfast and took off.

Getting to the state line was an awesome feeling. The excitement certainly helped set the tone for the rest of the days ride, which was good since it was a long one. After we crossed the state line it was 9 miles to Clovis, where we stopped for a tasty lunch at Eddie’s. After refueling we took off for the 26 mile ride to Melrose, our next pit stop. We grabbed a snack at Melrose Market, and after explaining what we were doing the lady at the store gave us some apples on the house. We took a picture together before heading off down the road to refill our water at a convenience store, and then we got a move on.

There was still 36 miles to do before we could stop for the night in Fort Sumner.
There wasn’t much on the way to the next town. There was a storm off in the distance, but other than that the scenery wasn’t that much different from the part of Texas we had just come from. At one point I did see a pair of turtles that had managed to avoid becoming roadkill, and as cheesy as it sounds, I shouted some encouragement to them as I rode by.
The only other really memorable thing about the ride that day was the wind. For almost the entire 92 miles we had a constant 10-15 mph head/crosswind combo. It was certainly aggravating, but the thrill of finally making it to New Mexico was enough to keep me going. We finally arrived into town around 7:30 and started looking for a place for dinner. Despite being a tourist town, there were literally two things open when we arrived- a convenience store and an expensive restaurant. It was ok though, as we were both really tired by then. We found a park and crashed pretty early, since the next day was going to be a tough one as well.


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