Day 11- Santa Fe, NM

Posted: August 3, 2010 in New Mexico

First real mountain!

After the hillls that completely kicked my butt the day before, the ride from Vaughn to Santa Fe was a breeze. We discovered however, right as we were leaving that morning, that Jon had made a slight mistake in calculating our route- instead of a 70-something mile ride, it was actually a 97 mile ride. We were both so eager to get into Santa Fe though that we shrugged it off and got to riding. Our first stop was Encino, 16 miles away. We were planning on hitting up the only store in town to refill our water, but it evidently doesn’t open until 1 p.m., and we were there at 11:30. There was a spigot outside that we tried to use, but it flowed like a leaky faucet. Since we didn’t really have any other options, we sat and waited while my bottles filled very slowly.

When they were finally done we took for Cline’s Corner, 27 miles away. Cline’s Corner isn’t a town- it’s a giant restuarant/pit stop/tourist trap. We did get a good lunch though, and then took off again quickly since we still had 54 miles to get to Santa Fe.
We started getting into some real hills as we approached the mountains. The views started becoming more and more beautiful though, which took my mind off of how far we were going that day. There were a couple of killer climbs, but the views from the top were spectacular.

Still riding on a 46/15.

When we got up into the first part of the mountains, we noticed that a storm was about to intersect our route. That was all ok until the lightning started coming down and the ugly clouds were right overhead. As both of our steeds are essentially lightning rods, we decided to play it safe and wait for the storm to move further away.

The lightning finally moved far enough away that we felt safe in carrying on, but just as we were about to mount up the tail end of the storm caught us and it started raining. We decided to wait just a little longer for it to pass.

Finally, we were off again.
We rolled into Santa Fe right as it was getting dark. Since we were still waiting to hear from the friend of mine who is living there for the summer, we headed into downtown for some dinner and drinks and to take in some of the local color. Jon asked a lady for directions, and for reason she felt that telling us how to get to downtown via the highway was a good idea. We pulled off as soon as we could and got real directions, and finally made it into downtown. The horizon was still stormy as we were getting in, and we walked into the Catamount right as the skies opened up. We hung out there for a little and talked to a few locals, then headed over to The Matador to check out another scene.
We ran into some of the bike kids there, and hung out until last call. We still hadn’t heard back from my friend, and it was terribly soggy outside, but we were fortunate enough to befriend a bike kid named Alejandro who offered us a place for the night. After the bars closed we went back to his place, and finally fell asleep completely exhausted from yet another long day.

  1. Kenny Hale says:

    it looks like a shit ton of fun. i wish you guys he best of luck.

  2. Kcy says:

    this is completely awesome! you both kick ass, rollin’ fixed over that many miles! i’m curious as to where you’re heading?

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