Day 10- Vaughn, NM

Posted: August 3, 2010 in New Mexico

The ride out of Fort Sumner started off pretty rough. The city is located in a valley, so we spent the first 8-9 miles climbing. That turned out to be a really good indication of what the rest of the day would be like.
There is nothing between Fort Sumner and Vaughn other than a tiny little town called Yeso, which lies just under halfway between the cities. Yeso is a ghost town- there’s maybe three houses, a post office, and lots of abandoned buildings.

When we arrived we were already pretty tired from the climbing we had been doing, and since it was hot we stopped to take a nap for a little.

After about an hour it was time to get moving again since we still had about 30 miles to go. The second half of the ride was exactly like the first- nothingness in every direction, hills that never ended, and the constant, annoying head/crosswind. When we finally crested the last hill into Vaughn, it was the most tired I had been during the entire trip. 58 miles of constant climbing can really wear a person out- we gained between 1600-1700 feet in elevation that day.
Vaughn is another town that is basically a stop on the freeway. There’s a small residential area, tons of motels and convenience stores, and a 24-hour diner where we got dinner. Once again, we made it into a town right before a storm started blowing in. Since there was a very real chance of getting soaked that night, we decided to find an unused building to camp in for the night. We found an abandoned church really close to highway, and that’s where we bunked down for the night.


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