Day 8- Muleshoe, TX

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Texas

Spending the night in Lubbock was a lot of fun. As soon as I finished up with the last entry, Jon and I went back to socializing with our gracious host and his friends. As it started getting a little later we headed back to David’s place for some food and some games of Jenga (I pretty much made the two of them play me. I love Jenga).

Can for comparision, it's a pretty good tower.

We finally crashed and got a good sleep.
The next morning we took a long time getting ready as we were under the impression that it was going to be grey and windy the entire way to Farwell. We didn’t roll out of town until around noon- and then we had to backtrack a little as we got a little turned around. On the way to the next little town, Anton, we took a few minutes off at a roadside picnic site and met a guy named Albert.

He and wife are doing a little touring of their own, which is evidently a big hobby for them. He and Jon talked travel for a little bit, and we learned that about 20 years ago, Albert walked across the US. Pretty impressive, I’ve gotta say. We all wished each other safe travels, and then took off again.
The sun came out in its full glory and fury right around the time we were close to Anton. Since it had been awhile since last eating, we stopped for a quick bite and decided to take some pictures in downtown.

Giddyup, cowboy.

Since the sun was still beating down on us as we left, it was necessary to take another stop between Anton and Littlefield, the next town over. We found a really cool abandoned piece of farming property, and rested for a few.

Mini nap, hoping a bird doesn't poop on me.

For some reason my entire body and mind had been plagued with an unshakeable sleepiness since leaving Lubbock that day, and I was certainly holding us back. Since we were making kind of poor time, I was hoping that a cup of coffee would get the fire going again. As we rolled into Littlefield, looking for some joe, we passed a guy riding a road bike. It was amazing! It was the first time we had encountered someone who wasn’t in San Angelo or Lubbock on a bike. We waved to him, and then he turned around and came to talk to us while we were asking around for coffee.
Yep, that's a Lemond- aerobars, clipless pedals, and all.
His name is Johnny, and not only does he ride a bike, but he enjoys riding out to the towns surrounding Littlefield, such as Muleshoe- which is about 30 miles away. Another hobby of his is competing in the Special Olympics doing events like weight-lifting. Yep, you read that right. Spectacular individuals can be found anywhere, it seems.
After Jon helped Johnny with his handlebars, we ran across the street to the Good News Cafe for the coffee I so desperately needed. They were closed, since it was midday, but Tracie was nice enough to brew us a pot. They even offered to serve us dinner, on the house, but we were still full from eating in Anton. It was extremely nice of them though, so a picture was definitely in order.

Stormy and Tracie at the Good News Cafe in Littlefield, TX

If you’re ever in Littlefield, look them up. They are a couple of really nice ladies, and everything is fresh to order. I really wish we could have grabbed a bite there, but oh well. We had a lot of road to put behind us that day.
We flew the next 30 miles into Muleshoe, still hoping to hit Farwell before nightfall. The coffee really got me going and if it haden’t been for the impending storm, we could have gotten at least to the edge of Farwell. But since we couldn’t, we stayed in town for the night.
Muleshoe is smack in the middle of a dry county- no alcohol for 30 miles in either direction. Since we had planned to stay there, it made for an interesting night. Have you ever had to go to a bootlegger for some beer? Neither had I until then. It was a funny, exciting experience- almost enough to make up for paying $6 for four Bud Lights. Since it was really getting dark by the time we went on that little adventure, we took off for a park to find some shelter and watch the storm roll in.

That's lightning, right in the middle of the cloud. I never claimed to be the best photographer 🙂

I tried in vain to get a good picture of the storm but most of the light show stayed up in the clouds. I got one picture, nonetheless, and by then it was getting so windy that we had to make for cover. Once again, a baseball field came to the rescue. We slept in the dugout, and it was definitely a better experience than the night we spent in Colorado City. I feel asleep really quickly, and thus ended our travels for the day.

  1. Garner says:

    Hey, if/when you arrive in Amarillo, my aunt would be willing to take you in for a meal. Something in the area of 28th or 31st street and mockingbird or fleetwood. I really don’t know the exact address, but if you remember what it looks like/are able to find it give it a try? Worst case scenario its a nice neighborhood where you could probably crash. Hope you havin fun dood

  2. Mack Sebald says:

    Unearthed your webblog via bing the other day and absolutely think its great. Carry on the excellent work.

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