Day 5- Snyder, TX

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Texas

The disturbances while sleeping and the hard concrete of the batting cages made for a hard morning when we tried to take off for Post via Snyder. The plan for the day had originally been a total of 69 miles, but we encountered a few problems that morning.
It turns out sleeping on concrete is not the best thing for a collarbone that I’ve broken twice this year. My shoulder was stiff and achy as we got ready that morning, but there wasn’t very much I could do at that time other than take some Advil. We stopped at a gas station to freshen up and refill our water, and that’s when Jon noticed that there was a radical protrusion from the shoulder on the side where I had broken the bone. We stayed there for a moment while we discussed what to do, and drank a soda. The king of sodas, that is, a 16-oz Coca-Cola in a can:

As Snyder is a bigger town than Colorado City, we decided that our best bet was to make it into town and go to the hospital. The ride was nice and easy, 25 miles. I did it without the x-strap so as not to put any pressure on my shoulder, and it was still a breeze to ride (for my lower half anyway).
We got into town, rested up a bit, ate some lunch, and looked up the hospital. While eating I suddenly realized that the fall the day before was probably mostly to blame for the shoulder pain, since I had thrown out my right hand to break the fall. At the hospital I got to see what was going on in there for the first time. Evidently, my collarbone is still in the healing process- I’ve been riding this whole time on a still partially broken bone. The doctors told me to ice it and just take it easy for a day or two.
Since we had originally not planned to stop for long in Snyder, let alone stay the night, this threw a slight kink in our plans. To the rescue came the Ministerial Alliance of Scurry County. We went into the police station, explained what we were doing and the issue that had arisen. The (extremely nice) officer returned with a voucher for a two-night stay at the Travel Inn to allow my shoulder some time to heal. Thus we were able to finish up the day with a nice bed, a pretty decent hotel room, and lots of ice packs.

  1. Cy says:

    This is like a train wreck i can’t turn away from. Will be keepin an eye on your progress. Good luck out there, don’t die.

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