Day 4- Colorado City, TX

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Texas

We spent an extra night in San Angelo so that we could cruise around a bit and stop in to see Randy again. We went into the shop so that I could look into getting a saddle we had checked out the day before, and so that Jon could have him take a took at some minor technical issues.

Track bike, hardcore tri bike... Randy does it all.

Randy totally hooked us up- he let me take a RavX saddle so that I could do a product review, as well as give my tired behind a break. We hung out at the shop for a bit and then went out to explore a little. We came across a really cool bar called The Dead Horse

that has a ton of pool tables and shuffleboard! After soundly defeating Jon in a game we headed back to the house for some food and to finish resting up for the ride out the next day.
Riding out of San Angelo was great- I’ve finally found my legs so there was little of the moaning, groaning, and very slow riding that had been accompanying me before. We found a nice flat spot outside of town to take our first rest stop and snap a few pictures.

It was here that we experienced our first incident.

'Tis just a flesh wound.

It wasn’t anything big, just a scraped knee and a blood blister on my palm. That what happens when you try to turn your front wheel, and the bars and stem turn but the wheel does not. I got cleaned up, we snapped a few more pics, and then took off once again.
We rolled through some beautiful hills and countryside as we finished up the 32 miles into Robert Lee, where we stopped for lunch at a place called Twister’s Restaurant. There wasn’t anything too notable about the town, other than one thing we saw that both infuriated us and made us chuckle.

Now, I’m pretty certain that this was not written by some misguided Native American who was under the impression that the midterm elections were going to cause all of the Europeans to get back on a boat and leave. Then again, what can you expect from someone who doesn’t know the difference between “wich” and “witch”?
As we headed out of Robert Lee the countryside became more and more beautiful as we made our way 44 miles into Colorado City.

But the beauty would not protect us once we got further out. As it flattened out again and the sun moved to the west, it started to be a bit toasty. We hit long stretches with almost no shade, where stopping to take a break was just as bad as riding because we were sitting in the afternoon sun. We managed to find a lone tree on the side of the road on a bridge, and we finally stopped to take a real break. Jon discovered that the tar on the road was so hot that it was actually melting and pliable.

After chilling out for a little while we booked it into Colorado City. As we were right outside of the city limits we started passing a few houses here and there, when all of sudden a couple of dogs charged from out of a front yard and started chasing us down the road. As startling as that was, the giant truck barreling down on the other side of the road that didn’t even try to slow down to avoid hitting said dogs was even more surprising.
Just inside the city we passed a place called the Samaritan Hospitality House. Obviously, we were intrigued. What we discovered was something awesome. The Hospitality House is set up to lodge the families of inmates (there are 3 prisons in the surrounding area) when they come into town for visitation. It is run by an extremely nice couple who invited us in for some food and conversation.

We spent the night camped out on a baseball field at the edge of town. The grass was nice and soft, the breeze was blowing… and the bugs were feasting. The overadundance on insect life was due to, we discovered in the middle of the night, the sprinklers that kept the field so soft and green. We had to get up and switch positions twice because they kept going off around us. Finally we just slept in the batting cages. Not the best nights sleep in the world, but nice nonetheless.


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