Day 2- San Angelo, TX

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Texas

Middle of nowhere, TX- can't wait until I've peddled that belly off!

An awesome night of sleep led to a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Consequently, we got going about an hour and a half later than we were planning on. This means one thing- try to make up for lost time. It seemed at first as if we wouldn’t have a problem doing so, as the first 17 miles into and through Melvin were pretty much a breeze. Even the next 17 into Eden (which is home to a minimum security prison, how’s that for irony) weren’t too terrible. We took a quick stop in at the Morocco Cafe and the Super S, and then took off for the longest stretch so far- 32 miles into Wall, during the middle of the day.
The heat could have been bearable. The swarms of grasshoppers everywhere could have been bearable. What was absolutely not bearable was the stupid road we were on. Highway 87 has been resurfaced at some point recently, but evidently the Texas Department of Transportation doesn’t know what a steamroller is. And the saying that everything is bigger in Texas obviously applies to the chat they used for the black-top as well, as it literally felt like we were riding on cobblestones for almost the entire 32 miles. I could hear my teeth chattering over my headphones, and we had to take several breaks just to de-vibrate ourselves. We did have a brief opportunity to air our grievances to some TxDoT employees as a few trucks happened to show up while we were taking one of our breaks.
We stopped right outside of Wall at a large convenience store/gas station. The rode had taken a lot out of us so we didn’t get moving again until almost 4:00 p.m. Cutting through Wall was wonderful though- it felt like we were riding on Heaven’s own streets, it was so smooth compared to what we had just gone across. And of course it all ended abruptly once we merged back onto 87 for the last 11 miles to San Angelo.
Our first priority once we arrived was to hit up a bike shop, as we were finally in a town large enough to have one. The first one was kind of a dud, but then we found Randy’s Bike and Run.
Daniel, Randy, and DEVIN!

Daniel, Randy, and DEVIN!

This is where the mighty hammer of fortune smacked us in the face once again. As we were talking to Daniel, one of the employees, he mentioned that he knew a guy named Devin who had recently moved up from Austin and who also rode a fixed-gear. This happened to be none other than Devin Gustafson (man I hope I spelled that right), a friend we’ve known for awhile. We called him up hoping for the chance to grab a beer and catch up, but as it so happened he was about 30 minutes away from leaving San Angelo to go to- where else- Austin! He was meeting up for a group ride to San Marcos hosted by the Fast Folks. Despite his temporary absence, he and his girlfriend Sarah* very kindly offered to let us crash at his place, which gave us time to settle in a bit better, get our stuff charged, and to finally give me a chance to start getting the website rolling.
Our second day ended with some severe fatigue, but jubilant spirits and a deep appreciation for whatever force is handing out all the good luck we’ve had so far.

*(Random fun fact- a few months ago I bought a Motobecane from Sarah. Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, it was eaten by a dragon.)


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